Third Year
D&AD New Blood Entry

For the 2024 D&AD New Blood competition, our team chose to work on the GiffGaff brief. Our task was to make GiffGaff the go-to place for refurbished phones. We decided to approach this project from a unique angle by focusing on the typical flaws of refurbished devices and flipping them on their head.

Inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, where broken objects are repaired with golden seams to celebrate their unique charm and resilience, this campaign aimed to bring a similar concept to phone customization. To create buzz, we planned a pop-up event in central London featuring Slawn, a renowned Nigerian-British artist known for his provocative and eye-catching spray paint paintings. We thought, what better way to catch people’s attention than having the artist himself customize and repair phones, transforming them into one-of-a-kind artworks?

Targeting students and young professionals on a budget, as well as those considering refurbished phones, the campaign sought to shift the perception of refurbished devices into personalized expressions of style and sustainability.
Other activation points included creating the first-ever kintsugi phone repair kit, which we planned to give away to influencers and celebrities. Later on, the kit would be available to a wider audience at an affordable price. We also planned to create a state-of-the-art installation called "Fixing London" in popular spots around the city. By decorating cracks and flaws in the surrounding areas, we hoped to catch the attention of passersby as well as local outlets and media.

Together, these efforts amounted to an alternative PR campaign that brought attention to GiffGaff and their refurbished phones without aggressively trying to sell them. By offering customized refurbished phones, GiffGaff tapped into the desire for individuality and eco-conscious choices. Ultimately, we aimed to inspire and motivate people to choose refurbished phones for their next tech upgrade, embracing both style and sustainability in their choice.

*This project made in collaboration with:Isabella Tillman & Pedro Carvahlo.

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